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Teever Clothing was founded by Stavros Amarantidis in Athens, Greece. Stavros is the guy people often tell him about the cool outfit he wears... "i was always looking for that simple t-shirt with the cool stamp or design and at the same time it had to be somehow a unique piece" he says and thats how Teever (comes from Tees and fever) came up. Teever tees are carefully designed one by one and always in asymmetrical order of shapes and colors. Apart from t-shirts Teever runs a project called Homebody (Decorative Linen Pillows) and a limited edition shoes collection among other.

Athens, Greece

Wearing Teever

The Bright Side of Teever

Stavros Amar #Teever 6

Teever φουτερ new!

Giannis Anagnostopoulos #Teever 6

Domino Teever!

Dennis Rodis #Teever 4

Constantinos Tzachas stylentonic #Teever 9