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Μια Akira Mushi Tote bag
"Akira met Mushi one day at the park...on their first date they wanted to inspire the world and be inspired by it. They are the dreamers of today and like to see other people dreaming too. Akira Mushi design clothes for humans. Funwear. Easywear. Play with clothing today."

Two little dogs, Akira and Mushi, met at the park one shinny day! On their first date they decided that, from now on, they would inspire the world and be inspired by it. As a result the brand Akira Mushi was born and these little dreamers began their promising trip!

Akira Mushi is a Greek brand which produces clothes and accessories. It is based on strong values and ethics and provides consumers with authentic local products. Akira and Mushi are against: discrimination, environmental and animal cruelty, child labour and unhealthy working conditions. Therefore, our brand creates products, which are suitable for all kind of ages and body types and, in addition, expresses each person's personality. Moreover, we offer a safe and developed work environment to our colleagues and we ensure that there is always a mutual relationship. We are active members of animal's and environment's welfare and we don't ever lose the chance to express our consciousness, through collaborations with several organizations, such as WWF, Stray etc. Last but not least, in our stores you will find an extended range of prices, as much as very economical solutions.

Akira and Mushi love all kind of fabrics and therefore, we try to keep them happy by using a wide variety.We bring in stores new treasures every 10 days approx. The production is limited but continuous, so don't worry! We will always have something that suits you well! The designs are minimal and characterized by a discrete polymorphism most of the times.
Find us in Athens, Greece:@SYNTAGMA, Ermou & Fokionos 2. tel:2130245341, mon,wed: 10-4. tue,thu,fri: 10-9, sat: 10-5 @HALANDRI, Andrea Gini 9, tel: 2130233617 mon,wed: 10-4. tue,thu,fri: 10-3 5-9, sat: 10-5 OR on E SHOP:
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9 Andrea Gini Str., Halandri - 2 Fokionos Str., Syntagma, Athens, Greece
+30 2130 233 617, +30 2130 245 341


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